Equal Opportunity

Recently there has been a lot of news coverage about marketing towards specific demographic groups, mainly women, millennials, etc. From a marketing point of view it seems to make a lot of sense to focus on a group of customers that seems to have been neglected in the past. After reading numerous articles and editorials I realized, that no specific customer group has a monopoly when it comes to their concerns though.

As the editor of Underhood Service Magazine states, “…all consumers have anxiety about asking questions about repairs – it’s not just a female issue. Men are often even worse because they don’t want to admit to automotive ignorance in the first place… Shops should spend more time educating customers.” I have to agree. I think it is a big deal having to trust somebody to be honest about the repair work needed, considering the amount of money that it costs. When it comes to an area where we don’t have much knowledge we ask friends and family about recommendations and read reviews and hope we find a trustworthy repair shop.

Here at Mickey’s Auto Repair we will deal honestly with all customers and strive to explain in detail why we recommend certain repairs. You have a question, we will gladly answer it. I truly understand that customers have a fear of getting “ripped off”. Trust is something build over time.

When you bring us your car, we will never start making repairs that have not first been authorized by you. When we check out your car, we not only check out the concern you had when you brought the car in, but also look over the entire vehicle and then make recommendations based on what is needed immediately and what can wait, but will need to get addressed at a later point.

As far as I am concerned I don’t care about the mechanic lingo, I want to understand in “layman’s terms” what is going on. The more I understand, the more I can explain to others. I view the fact, that as a co-owner of an auto repair shop I know next to nothing about cars as an asset, because it allows me to look at everything going on in the shop from a customer’s point of view. How can I expect for a customer to understand, if I don’t get it?

This is barely scratching the surface and in this blog I will make it my purpose to explain things I think everybody should and can know and at the same time give you a glimpse of our side. I hope you will respond, so we can continue making improvements. I am really looking forward to your comments.

Talk to you soon!

Written by Claudia Donnelley

Claudia Donnelley