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Ask anyone what the most critical part of a car is and they’ll likely tell you it’s the engine. That’s because every new car commercial talks about the power behind the engine. What many people don’t realize is that the transmission is just as vital. In fact, without a transmission, it doesn’t matter how much power you have, the car isn’t going to move. That’s why when you are having a problem, you need fast and reliable transmission repair from Mickey’s Auto Repair.

Transmission Maintenance is a Must

The best way to ensure that your transmission lasts is to perform necessary transmission maintenance. At Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC, we handle the maintenance of both manual and automatic transmissions. 

Manual transmission maintenance is less complicated than with an automatic transmission. Check your service schedule to determine the proper interval for changing the transmission fluid or talk to us about what’s appropriate for your vehicle.  

If you need automatic transmission maintenance, we can handle that as well. Not only will we top off your transmission fluid levels during any routine check, but we also offer transmission fluid service and transmission flush. 

This allows your transmission to run at its best and stay cooler. Performing regular maintenance ensures that you don’t need transmission replacement sooner than necessary.

Small Transmission Issues Can Be Repaired

Don’t wait until you need a transmission replacement to have work done. At the first sign of trouble, get to Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC so we can get you back on the road. Minor transmission repairs might be as simple as replacing a band, filter, gasket, O-ring or valve. 

It’s also possible that you need clutch repair and replacement services. What many people don’t realize is that automatic transmissions also use an internal clutch system, so it doesn’t matter what you drive, you might face this need. 

Don’t wait until you need a new transmission, have repairs done promptly to extend the life of your car and save some money in the process.

Transmission Issues You Don’t Want to Ignore

If you encounter any of these transmission issues, you want to contact us at Mickey’s Auto Repair right away.

1. Transmission Slipping

If you are driving and it feels like the gears are changing for no reason, you might have a slipping transmission. Many people notice it because the engine starts to whine or increase in noise. It might also feel like your car is struggling to move or becomes underpowered.

Call us today to find out more about how we can become your new trusted mechanic in Columbia!

2. Rough Shifting

If it refuses to change gears or becomes uncomfortably rough, it’s time to have it checked out. You might even hear a thud or clunk when the gears shift.

3. Delayed Engagement

The transmission is sealed and should never leak any fluid. If you notice any spots of fluid on your garage floor or driveway, you’ll want to lay down some cardboard to determine if it’s transmission fluid. It might be bright red, dark red or brown. 

4. Fluid Leaking

You might notice a delay before your car engages and begins to move forward. When you change from Park to Drive, there could be a pause when your engine revs but doesn’t move.

5. Transmission Warning Light is On

The warning light doesn’t mean there’s a problem necessarily, but you need to have it checked by the professional technicians at Mickey’s Auto Repair. The light indicates that an error code is present that we can check with our diagnostic scanner. 

The Midland’s Trusted Transmission Service Provider

We are a local auto repair shop operating the Midlands of South Carolina for decades. We consider our customers to be family and we don’t try to sell anyone on unnecessary repairs. If you have transmission or other issues hurting your vehicle, then bring your car into Mickey’s. Located only 10 minutes from the heart of Columbia, we accept appointments and drop-ins so that you can have your transmission checked on your schedule. 

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