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Your car’s exhaust system reduces engine noise and helps you control emissions. When you face rusted out exhaust pipes, loud noises or dragging mufflers, it might be time for muffler repair and replacement. You have a responsibility to yourself and the environment to maintain your muffler and exhaust system. That’s why you need to visit Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC. We have the expertise you require to handle all your muffler shop needs. 

What Does the Exhaust System Do?

The role of your exhaust system involves more than merely quieting the engine noise. It also redirects the lethal fumes away from your vehicle. Carbon monoxide is deadly and free of color or odor. It escapes through the exhaust system, but if any component is damaged, it could make its way into your car instead.  

Aside from the safety of you and your passengers, you also need to consider the damage to the environment. When your exhaust system isn’t working correctly and properly maintained, you release dangerous emissions into the world around you.

Symptoms of a Bad Muffler or Exhaust System

To figure out when you need exhaust repair and replacement, we have some simple signs for you to watch for


The most common sign that something is wrong is when you experience a louder sound. Most of the symptoms of a bad muffler are related to sound. After all, this part of your exhaust is responsible for keeping things quiet, so it does get quite noisy when something goes wrong. 

It also could mean that you have an exhaust system leak. This leads to a fluttering noise. Beyond that, you might even be facing a leaking exhaust manifold, separated or rusted exhaust pipe or a damaged catalytic converter. Bring your car to Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC for diagnostics.

Rough Engine Performance

The exhaust system is designed to be intact and sealed. When there’s internal damage, your engine might start to run rough. While you might think you’re having trouble with your motor, what you are really facing is an issue with your exhaust. The qualified technicians at Mickey’s Auto Repair know how to troubleshoot the difference and repair your vehicle fast.

Fuel Economy Drops Significantly

When you have a loose or damaged muffler or catalytic converter, your gas mileage takes a hit. If you start to notice a reduced efficiency in your gas mileage, it’s time to head to our muffler shop in Columbia, SC. Otherwise, you will continue to lose money as you waste fuel.

Rattling Under the Car

If you begin to hear rattling noises coming from under your car, this could be the sign you have a muffler or another component coming loose. It might also be the heat shield or exhaust bracket. It’s imperative that you bring your car to us at Mickey’s Auto Repair before anything becomes so loose that it causes more damage or falls off completely. 

Strange Odors

If you notice a bad odor making its way inside your vehicle, you need to contact Mickey’s Auto Repair immediately. If the exhaust fumes are finding its way into your car, this could be lethal. While carbon monoxide doesn’t have an odor, you might smell the other elements that are part of the exhaust. Open your windows right away and visit us for muffler repair in Columbia, SC.

Muffler Service Done Right

The exhaust system isn’t simple to work on. It’s located underneath your car and operates at high temperatures. Because of this, you don’t want an unskilled technician performing your repairs. Whether you need tailpipe repair and replacement or catalytic converter repair, Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC can handle it all.muffler shop

It’s critical that you have your muffler service done right away. If you don’t come in for repair soon enough, you won’t have as many options available to you. Getting prompt service is the key to saving money and having an option to repair your existing exhaust system. 

Anything beyond minor damage is going to require a replacement muffler. Any time it’s rusted out or features internal damage, having a replacement muffler installed or custom exhaust fabrication is your best option. 

At Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC, our skilled techs know how to handle every exhaust issue from a tailpipe replacement to exhaust manifold repair. We’ve built a strong reputation in the community of providing top-notch service to our clients and we would be happy to serve you as well. 



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