Engine Maintenance

If you want your vehicle to last longer and offer top performance, it’s imperative that you perform engine maintenance. Factory scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes must be done regularly. It’s also vital that the essential components of your car such as the spark plugs, head gaskets, timing belts, ignition wires and fuel injection systems are inspected on a regular basis. If you aren’t sure how to maintain your car’s engine, you can rely on Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC. 

Inspections, Diagnostics & Engine Maintenance Services are Critical

During routine maintenance inspections, it’s not uncommon to find issues such as a loose cap or weak seal. If left alone, these both could lead to a coolant leak or oil leak which would turn into a serious concern.  

Other times, more severe predicaments are discovered such as a blown head gasket. By proactively inspecting all the engine components regularly, you prevent damage and failure of your engine. While there are times that a car motor will just stop working, most of the time it is due to the lack of maintenance and care. 

During your 30/60/90/120K mile services, all the key parts of your engine are inspected. Then, the fluid levels and quality are also examined. Sometimes, the trained technicians at Mickey’s Auto Repair might request a more in-depth internal engine inspection or further computer diagnostics review if a more prominent problem seems apparent.  These checks are only made to ensure that your engine continues running for as long as possible.

Benefits of Preventative Engine Maintenance

Modern cars and trucks are now equipped with technology that makes monitoring your engine even easier than before. Many times the driver is alerted when a threat exists. That’s because your vehicle is continuously analyzing data from the ignition, emissions, cooling, oil, fuel and ignition systems.  

If something isn’t right internally, you might need to see us for check engine light diagnosis and repair. As soon as that light comes on, you need to contact Mickey’s Auto Repair to ensure that no further damage is done to your car engine.  

Thankfully, having regular engine maintenance, tune-ups and filter replacements helps you to avoid this situation altogether. Not only that, but you receive other benefits, including: 

  • Longer engine life 
  • Cleaner, more efficient running engine (which improves fuel mileage) 
  • Boost in performance 
  • Increased safety on the road 

Our ASE Certified auto repair technicians help to prevent issues with the following systems in your engine: 


  • Ignition system factory scheduled maintenance
  • Fuel system 
  • Exhaust system 
  • Electrical system 
  • Timing belts 
  • Loose belts or worn out hoses 
  • Computer sensors 
  • Radiator coolant leaks 
  • Oil leaks 
  • Cylinder block and head 
  • Valve cover gasket  
  • Rear main seal 
  • Spark plugs 
  • Ignition cables 

The first step to maintaining your engine is to read your owner’s manual. This gives you all the information needed to care for your car correctly. In the manual, you’ll find the maintenance schedule which provides you with appropriate intervals for your engine, oil, tire rotation and more. 

Once you understand the 30/60/90/120K mile services that should be performed, you’ll know when to schedule with Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC. The most important aspect is your oil change. This needs to be done regularly if you want to avoid engine failure due to accumulated contaminants and friction. 

During that time, all other fluids also need to be checked. Many people assume that the only vital fluid in their car is oil, but that’s just not true. Your vehicle must have the right amount of transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant and windshield washer fluid as well. 

Next, we examine all the hoses and belts. These hoses carry the flow of coolant so your engine doesn’t overheat. If a hose starts to crack, bulge or separate, you could face trouble down the road. That’s why a quick trip inspection is a vital aspect of our service. 

We also inspect the timing belt. This vital aspect of your engine might show signs of wear, glazing or cracking. If so, you want to replace it now before you are sitting on the side of the road somewhere.  

Finally, we check a few of the lesser thought of items such as the battery, air filter and wiper blades. While you wouldn’t associate these with engine maintenance, in particular, they are still critical aspects to your safety on the road. In fact, the air filter should be checked every time you have the oil changed. 

We Do It All

The best part about coming to Mickey’s Auto Repair is that we handle it all. If it relates to your car, you can trust our experienced team to handle it. We specialize in engine maintenance and repair but are pleased to offer the smallest services such as replacement of your windshield wiper blades up to brake repair and anti-lock braking system checks.  

Our top technicians are known in the community for their commitment to excellence. Whether you need shocks and strut repair or chassis and suspension repair, you can count on us. We are entirely dedicated to maintaining and repairing your engine. That’s why we immerse ourselves in constantly learning to further offer the highest level of care to all of our customers. 

In addition to having a responsive, skilled and friendly team, we also utilize advanced computer diagnostic machines and repair equipment. This allows us to provide service to you that other shops can’t offer. This state of the art equipment is used for all engine issues as well as our other services such as suspension and steering repair.  

Visit us today and see why Columbia, SC residents continue to keep coming back to Mickey’s Auto Repair. 



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