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Is there a delay when shifting? Does it take a long time to shift? Does your car jerk into gear? Then you might have a transmission issue.  

Unfortunately, by the time your vehicle displays these symptoms, you probably have an issue that needs repaired. Sometimes all that’s needed is more transmission fluid, but that also means you have a leak. Keeping a good maintenance and upkeep schedule prior to problems showing up, will help prolong the transmissions life.  

With Mickey’s Auto Repair, you get expert mechanics that know how to perform transmission flushes and repairs on most any car. We provide top-notch services that don’t require you to be an expert and check our work. That’s because we always do the job right, and never try to sell you on more than you need. 

So, if you think that you need some transmission work, then call us today to schedule a checkup.

What Does Your Transmission Do?

The transmission is the part of the drive train, that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. The transmission also constantly adjusts the load on the engine to control rpm’s and to maximize gas mileage.   

Think of a 10-speed bicycle. When you start to go up a hill, you shift it into a lower gear to help ease how hard you must pedal to maintain speed. Likewise, when you are on flat or downhill terrain, you can bump to a lower gear to make picking up speed much easier.  

A car or truck functions much in the same way. The transmission helps the engine shift between gears to manage higher and lower speeds based on need.  

There are two basic kinds of transmission: 

  • Manual transmission vehicles require the driver to manually shift from one gear to another with a stick shift and a clutch.  
  • Automatic transmission vehicles are just that—automatic. You just put the car in drive and the transmission will handle shifting up and down in gears to handle speed shifts.  

Many of us are familiar with the second kind of vehicle rather than the first. As with many parts of our cars, this often-overlooked part of our engine is integral to its function, even though we may not pay much attention to it. 

What is Transmission Service?

Since the transmission is so important to the functioning of the car, then transmission care is just as important. Typically, transmission servicing is required at a certain number of miles, depending on the car. This range can spread between 60,000 and 120,000 miles, depending.  

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to some tell-tale signs that there are some issues with your transmission.  

  1. Transmission Slipping. If you drive your car and suddenly it feels like your vehicle is falling out of gear, then it might be that the transmission is having a hard time shifting gear. 
  2. Rough Shifting. If you notice that as you accelerate, your car will suddenly jerk or make rough clunking sounds at intervals, then this is a sign that something is wrong with the gear shift.  
  3. Long Delays Coming out of Park. If you shift from park to drive and your engine revs as if you are pressing on the gas before moving forward, then your transmission might be having a hard time shifting from park to drive.  
  4. Leaking Transmission Fluid. Leaking fluid from a car is always a sign that something is wrong. If you catch leaking fluid pooling under your car and it is red or dark brown, there is a chance that it is transmission fluid, and your transmission is leaking.  
  5. Transmission Warning Light. Many vehicles will also have a dedicated warning light for transmission problems. If this light goes off on your dash, it means that the sensors have picked up an issue that needs attention. A lot of vehicles do not have this light, instead have a flashing D light or simply Check engine light. Check your manufacturer’s manual to familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s dash lights. 


Mickey’s handles transmissions from old and new cars, imports and domestics. If you need… 

  • Transmission flush and fluid replacement 
  • Transmission repairs and maintenance 
  • Transmission rebuilds 

…Then trust that Mickey’s can get the job done.

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We are a local auto repair shop operating the Midlands of South Carolina for decades. We consider our customers to be family and we don’t try to sell anyone on unnecessary repairs. If you have transmission or other issues hurting your vehicle, then bring your car into Mickey’s. Located only 10 minutes from the heart of Columbia, we accept appointments and drop-ins so that you can have your transmission checked on your schedule. 

Call us today to learn more about how we can help your transmission run smoothly.


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