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Oil changes are some of the most basic, and yet most important, forms of maintenance we perform for our cars. They make sure that the engine is properly lubricated, so it can operate smoothly and efficiently and help increase car performance.  

Because we know that oil changes are some important, we have made it our mission to be the best oil change shop in the Midlands of South Carolina. That’s because we aren’t a drive-in stop trying to change out as many cars as possible. We treat each car and customer as unique, and make sure to provide the best service for each vehicle. 

If you need to schedule an oil change, call us up or drop your car off. In either case, you’ll get the same great service and care, without the upselling for unnecessary services.  

Why is Oil Change Service So Important?

The oil in your car serves as a lubricant for the crankcase. The crankcase is the housing for the crankshaft, or the pistons that move during piston combustion. As the pistons move up and down, they slide against other parts of the engine. Since pressure is required for the engine to ignite and run correctly, there needs to be some sort of lubrication that keeps these parts snug without allowing them to grind.  

Motor oil serves as a barrier between the different parts of the engine so that they can stay fitting snugly while still moving independently from one another.  

As a car runs, some of this oil will be consumed during combustion. Technically the engine is a “closed” system, but as parts start wearing out, oil will be lost/leaked. That’s why there are recommended oil levels for different engines marked on the “dipstick,” or the metal rod that shows the current oil level.  

When the oil level is too low, the engine might not have enough lubricant to run smoothly. In the worst-case scenario, this results in engine “lockup”. At this point, serious repairs will probably be required, as the internals of the engine could be severely damaged. 

What to Consider During an Oil Change

Most cars have a basic schedule of oil changes per manufacturer’s recommendation. However, because even cars of the same make and model can differ on oil needs, it’s also better to stay on top of your oil as a preventative measure.

  1. Always have your oil changed on regular mileage and/or time intervals. Sometimes, manufacturers will recommend oil changes based on mileage driven and/or the time between oil changes. If you put a lot of miles on your car, then stick with the mileage. If you don’t drive a lot, you might consider having your oil change 2-3 times a year for maintenance reasons, even if you aren’t hitting mileage suggestions.
  2. Check your oil levels on a regular basis. When you get an oil change with an auto shop, they should show you the dip stick to confirm that they have put in enough oil. But take a few minutes once a month or so and check your oil levels on your own. Check when the engine is not running to get an accurate result. If you notice that the oil is getting lower than expected, take your car in for a checkup or at least fill it up with the right kind of oil. A lot of people carry a quart or two in their car at all times, especially when they have a known oil leak.
  3. Check the color of the oil. Clean oil has a golden color darkening with time due to combustion in the engine. Due to heating and cooling in the engine the viscosity of the oil will change.

Also know whether your manufacturer suggests conventional oil or synthetic oil. Most modern cars will take full synthetic oils or synthetic blends, as they typically last longer and stay clean.

Mickey’s Auto Repair is an oil change service provider with years of experience performing basic oil changes. Whether it’s a Diesel oil change, full synthetic oil change, or conventional oil change (We use a Chevron synthetic blend as our basic oil), we can get you in and out with a properly oiled engine.

Hometown Auto Repair and Oil Change Service in the Midlands

Looking for the nearest oil change mechanic? Mickey’s is located 10 minutes from the heart of downtown Columbia. If you want to set up an appointment or just drop of your vehicle, we can schedule service that works with your schedule.  

Call us today to learn more about how we can help manage your oil for a healthy, long-lasting driving experience.



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