Auto Electrical Repair

Your car’s electrical system is a fundamental aspect of vehicle operation. It provides power to many parts you need to drive each day including the battery, starter and alternator. Each vehicle offers a unique electrical system based on the year, make and model of your car. Newer vehicles feature complex systems that interact with your brakes, sensors and steering as well. That’s why you need the trained professionals at Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC to handle all of your auto electrical repair needs

When Should You Have Electrical System Diagnostics & Repair?

Drivers face many red flags which warn them that it’s time to have auto electrical repair performed. The most common issue is when you attempt to start your car and hear clicking, grinding or no sound at all. This might be an issue with your car battery, alternator or starter. 

The typical car battery lasts for three to six years. That’s why you want to replace it at the first sign of any trouble. Otherwise, it could leave you stranded with no way home.  

If you notice that the vehicle dashboard lights don’t illuminate properly, there could be an issue with your electrical system as well. Another sign is when your car’s headlights darken whenever you travel at lower speeds.

Diagnosing Vehicle Electrical Problems

The experienced technicians at Mickey’s Auto Repair run through a specialized diagnostic evaluation of your electrical system. This helps to determine the cause of your malfunction and provides them with the necessary solutions. Whether it’s alternator repair and replacement or starter repair and replacement, our trained mechanics are equipped to handle the job with ease. 

If it seems to be an issue related to your battery, the best solution is to replace it. Our technicians will ensure that the battery is operating at its full potential and will also check the connecting cables. The battery is the hub of your entire electrical system and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Common Electrical Concerns

When you encounter what seems to be a significant failure in your electrical system, it could just be a software bug. Computers are responsible for controlling most of your vehicle. Your starter, air conditioning, alternators and many other systems are now run by computers. When you face a concern, it’s often difficult for the average consumer to understand the cause of the problem. 

That’s where our qualified techs come in. At Mickey’s Auto Repair we have the tools and experience to handle any issue you face.  

The first step is to examine the battery. Not only do we check it for integrity, but we also take the time to inspect the connections. A faulty wire or loose cable causes complaints that seem like major problems, but typically aren’t a big deal to repair. 

We don’t mind offering you a full system check if you are experiencing electrical problems, but it’s always best to start with the basics. That’s because we care about your vehicle and want to respect our customer’s budgets as well. 

Understanding the Electrical System

Your car’s electrical system operates much like your body’s nervous system. It is responsible for sending signals to the rest of the vehicle and cause everything to work correctly. Without the electrical system, you wouldn’t be able to create the spark needed to start the engine. Here are the major players in your vehicle’s electrical system. 

Alternator – this item charges your battery, ensuring it is always between 12 to 14 volts. Extreme driving conditions and heat push the alternator, and often the battery, beyond its limits at times. That’s why the typical alternator needs to be replaced every three to four years. 

Car Battery – this power storage device starts the engine and runs all the electronics in the car. This includes the stereo, power windows and lights. 

Fuse Panel – everything in the electrical system is connected through the fuses. These protect the system from power overloads and short circuits. 

Starter – this system consumes the most power of anything in your car. It turns the crankshaft which begins the combustion process needed to operate your vehicle.

Repairing the Car’s Electrical System

Because there are so many components involved in your vehicle’s electrical system, it’s imperative that you care for it properly. By keeping everything well maintained, you ensure that the car runs smoothly. 

The first sign that there’s trouble in the electrical components is a warning light. Sometimes, the check engine light will come on to warn you of electrical failure. At that point, you want to have a diagnostic check done so you don’t get stuck somewhere. 

If you do find yourself without the ability to charge your battery anymore due to a failed alternator, you’ll want to make sure all the unnecessary items are turned off. Make sure the interior lights and radio are shut down and then contact Mickey’s Auto Repair for service right away. 

If you are driving and the headlights begin to dim, you are being warned of the faulty charging system. This is a simple fix but requires that you get in for repair before the entire system goes down.  

Of course, regular maintenance of the electrical system helps you to avoid surprises. By ensuring that your charging system is running at its best, you can have confidence that every component will continue to perform its vital job. 

We are Here for You

You don’t have to wonder how to handle these problems on your own. At Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC, we’ve built a reputation on treating the smallest to most massive electrical repairs known to occur. If you require something simple such as Windshield Wiper Repair or Power Lock Repair, you can trust us to treat you with the same regard as someone having major repairs.  

We understand that your car is the lifeline between you and your daily activities and that even Power Antenna Repair or Power Window Repair might seem like a big step. Our highly qualified technicians will walk through every step of the auto electrical repair with you and help you get back behind the wheel quickly.

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