Automotive AC and Heating Repair 

No one thinks about the health of their car’s heating and cooling system until they need it. It’s one of the most neglected aspects of a vehicle. As soon as you can’t cool off or heat up, you start to wish you had paid closer attention. At Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC, we understand how valuable your heat is in the winter and your air conditioning is in the summer. That’s why we are here to help keep you comfortable year round.

How Does the Car A/C Work?

Your car’s air conditioning system is divided into two parts. There’s the high side and the low side. Starting on the high side, you have a compressor which functions much like a pump. It moves the refrigerant through the system and into the condenser where the high pressure gas is cooled. On the low side, you’ll find an expansion valve and evaporator. The expansion valve restricts or meters the refrigerant flow before it enters the evaporator.  

Aside from that, you’ll find several other components that make up the A/C system. You also have a belt, O-rings, gaskets and hoses. All the parts need to be in optimal running condition if you want a comfortable interior cabin temperature.

Signs You Need Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service

If you’ve been struggling to get your vehicle cool with the air conditioning on, it might be time to receive a recharging A/C refrigerant service from Mickey’s Auto Repair. R12 and R134a never disintegrates or degrades as long as it’s inside a sealed and pressurized system. If you are low on refrigerant, it likely means that there’s a leak in a hose, A/C component or connection fitting.  

The refrigerant is damaging to the ozone layer, so you want to find the cause of the leak as soon as you can. We perform a leak diagnostic test which identifies leaks in the components, fittings and hoses.  

Once we’ve determined where the leak is, we can take steps to repair it. Once we go ahead with the refrigerant service, you’ll be back to getting the relief you need on those hot, summer days. 

It’s important to note that if your pre-1994 car uses R12, you have to have a refrigerant replacement to upgrade your system to the newer R134a system instead. Most cars have already had this performed, so it likely won’t be an issue for you.


Obviously, if you turn on your car’s heater and ten minutes go by without it warming up, it’s time to head to Mickey’s Auto Repair. Some less known signs that something is wrong include: 


  • You smell something unpleasant from the vents 
  • Your windows and windshield continue to fog up 
  • Antifreeze is leaking inside the car (check on the passenger side floor) 
  • Your car needs an excessive amount of coolant

A/C Component Repairs

There’s more to consider than just the refrigerant. There are plenty of components in the system that could go bad and might need repair. During our heating and cooling system diagnostics, we will identify the cause of your issues. Whether you need compressor repair and replacement or evaporator repair and replacement, our trained technicians are equipped to handle your heating and cooling needs with ease. 

We can handle something as small as replacing an O-ring to swapping out the entire evaporator if needed. There’s really no reason to shiver in the winter or sweat in the summer with us in your neighborhood.

Quality Automotive AC and Heating Repair Done Right

automotive ac and heating repairIf you are experiencing issues with the temperature inside the cabin of your vehicle, it’s time to call Mickey’s Auto Repair in Columbia, SC. We have the tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time. You deserve to be comfortable on your daily commute into work. 

That’s why we provide our customers with state of the art diagnostics that determine the cause of the issues quickly. Then, we can proceed with belt repair and replacement or a simple A/C recharge. We will help you escape brutal cold and heat that Mother Nature likes to offer. 



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