Equal opportunity customer concerns

Recently there has been a lot of news coverage about marketing towards specific demographic groups, mainly women, millennials, etc. From a marketing point of view it seems to make a lot of sense to focus on a group of customers that seems to have been neglected in the past. After reading numerous articles and editorials

The Two Approaches of Auto Repair

One way and a better way to keep your car running. When it comes to car repair I have observed two very different approaches. The first one seems to be the more obvious. Unfortunately it is the more common way. A car breaks and now the car needs to be repaired. At this point there

About Us

Musings of a Shop Owner’s Wife My name is Claudia and I am married to Jason. Together we own Mickey’s Auto Repair. My background has nothing to do with cars whatsoever since I worked in the world of designer fashion, both in Germany and in California. What I do know about cars is probably very